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01 December 2011

Praise: University of Copenhagen on Optimal HIV Treatment

Very good news at the University of Copenhagen.
Researchers who have been following Danish HIV patients for more than fifteen years now see that the patients may live as long as other Danes if they take their medicine.
Among other items on the linked page are data regarding the source of HIV infection (from 2010).

 Homosexual  102 (44,2 %)
 Heterosexual  107 (46,3 %)
 Shared syringe
 among drug users
   4 (1,7 %) 
 Haemophilia and
 blood transfusion
  1 (0,4 %) 
 Morther-child infection   0 (0 %)
Other  16 (9,6 %) 

This data shows that despite what the anti-equality groups are saying, HIV-AIDS is not just a gay disease.

The data in Denmark implies that longevity for those with HIV requires early diagnosis and regular medication.  It should give those elsewhere hope as well.

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