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14 December 2011

Repudiation: Liberty Counsel Attacks Macy's

The American Family Association (AFA) detailed the fraudulent attack on Macy's.
Another Macy's store is reportedly permitting men to use women's dressing rooms -- and in the process, says Mat Staver, the retailer is alienating a lot of its customer base.
The problem first surfaced when a Macy's employee in San Antonio, Texas, was fired after telling a cross-dresser he could not use the women's dressing room to try on apparel. The employee had pointed out to management the consequences of a policy that affirms the lesbian, "gay," bisexual, transgender (LGBT) lifestyle.
The "man" in question is a transgender teenager, not an adult.  She was there to try on clothing in the section of the store where woman can go into a fitting room and try on the clothes.
Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, now tells OneNewsNow that an employee of another store has told him she has persistent problems keeping men out of the women's fitting room.
"She says that mothers of young daughters come up to her periodically and ask her to keep the men from going into the women's fitting rooms," the attorney reports. "So this apparently is a pervasive problem within the Macy's store system."
These fitting rooms or dressing rooms are designed for one person.  This is not like a locker room where there is room for a crowd or even space for a small group.  It does not make sense that this would be "a pervasive problem."

Before continuing to quote the article, let's hear from the employee who would not allow the transgender teen to try on clothes.

Ms. Johnson is fairly amazing.  Telling the young trans-woman that she was a man was at least rude.  Ms. Johnson is clear that it was her choice to refuse to comply with Macy's policy of allowing people to change in a fitting room of the gender which which they associate themselves.  Claiming "there are no transgenders in the world" is amazingly ignorant.  I understand that Ms. Johnson does not like that there are people who are born with the wrong gender, but she does not have the right to wish them away.  Back to the AFA article.
Macy's has an LGBT-friendly policy that allows men to use women's rooms, as Staver has told OneNewsNow before -- and he suggests that poses a danger for any woman or girl using them.
"This policy has put at risk every woman shopper who enters one of these rooms," he states in a press release. "While attempting to cater to a radical LGBT agenda, Macy's has alienated almost the entirety of its customer base.
Mr. Staver is lying on several fronts.  First, a transgender woman using an individual woman's dressing room does not endanger any other woman.  They are not in the same room.  Second, the LGBTQ Community has an agenda of seeking equality.  When did equality become radical?  Third, most people don't care who is trying on clothing in a fitting room.  When they go in to try on clothing, they are the only person in their small room; it is not a display case.
According to Liberty Counsel, the public is reacting.
"Consistently the people of America are saying that they will not shop at Macy's," explains Staver. "They're tearing up their Macy's credit cards, they're sending back their Macy's gift cards, they say that they will not shop at Macy's -- and this is a consistent response that we're seeing from the public around the country."
Really?  Macy's is in business to make money.  They have established policies that welcome ALL people into their stores because catering to everyone gets the most people through the doors to spend money.  One Million Moms may think they have grounds to complain to and boycott Macy's, with dittos from those who believe these hate groups.  I doubt it will have any affect.

Finally, who is Natalie Johnson?  Why would she feel the way she does?  Is this because she was in religious training and that is her ultimate vocation?  Is there more to the story?  A classmate of Ms. Johnson at San Antonio College, Jessica Strom, has some opinions.  I have not verified the veracity of this video, but it might answer a few questions.

Thanks to the Joe My God community for links to these videos.

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