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26 January 2012

Praise: Cory Booker on Civil Rights

Stephen Goldstein of Garden State Equality said, in an e-mail today,
Immediately after you watch the video, please share it with everyone you know.   I was so excited, I had to transcribe the text of the Mayor's remarks for you myself - see below.  And what the heck, if the spirit moves you to donate to Garden State Equality to help our incredibly exciting campaign for marriage equality, I sure won't stop you.  I'll love you even more, if that's possible, because you're already greatest members in the world.  Visit to donate online.
Mayor Booker: “Dear God, we should not put civil rights issues to a popular vote to be subject to the sentiments and passions of the day. No minority should have their civil rights subject to the passions and sentiments of the majority. This is a fundamental bedrock of what our nation stands for. We have created in our state and refuse to address, and call it like it is, a second class citizenship. Let’s stop the ruse. Jackie Robinson said, every American’s right to first-class citizenship is the most important issue of our time. It is infuriating that we are in the 21st century and we haven’t created equality under the law. I am fundamentally, in every fiber of my being, supportive of equal citizenship for all people in this country. I am tired and exhausted that we have a country able to overcome women having second-class citizenship in this country, Blacks having a second-class citizenship in this country, Latinos having a second-class citizenship in this country, Blacks and whites who wanted to marry have a second-class citizenship in this country. Don’t just point to the Governor – we had the chance to do this under the last Governor, and we didn’t have the courage to stand up and do the right thing. It’s about time we create first-class citizenship for every American, plain and simple. Every New Jerseyan. This should not be a popular vote. This is something we should do now.”
Wonderful press conference.  Thanks to Mr. Goldstein for the link.

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