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21 February 2012

Praise: Ben & Jerry's Get the Dough Out

The Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United opened up nearly unlimited corporate funds with only quarterly sunshine into American politics.  This was a bad result, but I do not stand with most progressives on how to fix the problem.

The fix for the problem is two-fold:  First, I believe in people.  Corporations, despite what Mr. Romney says, are not people.  People should be empowered, including whatever money they want to donate.  That's right, I favor unlimited money in politics from people.

Second, I believe that we need immediate sunlight.  That is, when a candidate accepts money,  there must be full disclosure within twenty-four hours.

In other words, get corporations out of this equation.  If the CEO of a corporation wants to donate lots of money, she or he should be entitled to do so from her or his own pocketbook.  And that person's name must be made public.

This puts the financial decisions directly in the hands of the political candidates.  They can decide whose money is acceptable and exactly how to spend that money.  We should know exactly who has bought and paid for our politicians.

The first step is to overturn Citizens United.  Ben & Jerry's has teamed up with Free Speech for People and Business for Democracy to create Get the Dough Out, a petition to create a Constitutional Amendment that would overturn the Citizens United decision.  Please consider exploring these links and signing on.

Thanks to Joe My God for the heads up.

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