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13 February 2012

Praise: Dogs Against Romney

Tomorrow, there will be a rally at Madison Square Garden to protest Mitt Romney's treatment of Seamus, a dog that was once in his family.

Dogs Against Romney is hardly a new website, dating back to 2007.  The point for me is that elected officials need to be humans who reflect who we are.  Mr. Romney continually proves himself to be out of touch with most of us.  Most people would not allow a pet to suffer for hours.  Most people understand that corporations are not people.  Most people, even those with lots of money, don't frivolously make ten thousand dollar bets ... both because it is a risky activity and because gambling is wrong.  Mr. Romney is not among most people financially or emotionally.

From today's posting on Dogs Against Romney:

A Dogs Against Romney press event will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, February 14 at NOON EASTERN TIME in front of MADISON SQUARE GARDEN during The American Kennel Club's Westminster Dog Show (SEE EXACT LOCATION DETAILS BELOW).

You are invited to join your fellow dog lovers on Valentine's Day, tomorrow, Tuesday, February 14, to protest Mitt Romney's abusive treatment of dogs. The protest is sponsored by Dogs Against Romney - and will seek to focus more public attention on the fact that Romney forced his dog to ride for 12-hours on the roof of his car - and even coldly hosed the dog down with water after he became ill and frightened, soiling himself - before driving for hours more - all while Romney's luggage rode inside the car.

Note: Though Dogs Against Romney does not officially endorse any candidate, the event will also serve to complement "Pet Lover's for Obama" - these two organizations share a common goal: That public attention be brought to Mitt Romney's treatment of his family dog.

WHO: Everyone who believes Dogs Aren't Luggage!
WHAT: Dogs Against Romney Press Event
WHERE: West side of 7th Avenue, between 31st and 32nd Streets in front of Madison Square Garden - outside Westminster Dog Show
WHEN: Noon Eastern Time, Tuesday, Feb. 14.
WHAT TO BRING: Dogs are welcome, but not required. Signs and posters will be provided.

23 April 2012, FollowUp 1.

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