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16 April 2012

Praise: Presidential Citizens Medal for Janice Langbehn

Janice Langehn is one of many who received the 2011 Presidential Citizens Medal. President Obama awarded this to her for her fight for equality for the LGBTQ Community.  The White House writes
While on vacation with her family in February 2007, Janice Langbehn's partner, Lisa Pond, suddenly fell ill and was rushed to the hospital. Langbehn was refused access to her partner, who had experienced a brain aneurysm and later died alone. She filed a federal lawsuit and her story received attention from President Obama, who went on to revise hospital visitation rights for gay and lesbian couples for hospitals receiving federal Medicare or Medicaid funds. Langbehn receives the Citizens Medal for her efforts to ensure all Americans are treated equally.
One might be concerned that Ms. Langehn is a token LGBTQ among the award winners. As November approaches, my guess is that a President Romney would offer no one of the LGBTQ Community such recognition. My hope is that he will not have the opportunity to test my prediction.

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