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23 October 2011

FollowUp 1: California's SB-48

Among the smaller hate groups is one with the pretentious banner Public Advocate of the United States.  This operation is run by a Loudoun County, Virginia member of the County Board of Supervisors, Eugene DelgaudioWarning:  if you fill out anything for them, you will be on their mailing list.  The nonsense from this operation does not seem to stop.

The next to last e-mail that I received from them, on the 20th of October, is a condemnation of California's SB-48.  They never mention the law by name, but it will be obvious as we go through what Mr. Delgaudio had to say.

Dear Some,

The Homosexual Agenda will soon victimize the next generation of LA school children .

Outrageous, but it's true.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has decided to impose a curriculum of pro-homosexual indoctrination.

This Homosexual Education will remake every classroom to be more "tolerant and open."

Students will be brainwashed into believing homosexual lifestyles are moral and correct .

The decision to enact SB-48 was made on the state level, not at the local level.  There is no indoctrination.  Please look at the law yourself.  Yes, classrooms should and will be more tolerant and open.  There is no brainwashing.  Many groups are to be considered without discrimination.  Groups that must be included in social studies in California now include "men and women, Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, European Americans, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans, and members of other ethnic and cultural groups.  Instructional materials and activities "must not reflect adversely upon persons on the basis of race or ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, nationality, or sexual orientation".

History courses will be rewritten to force in Homosexual and even transgender "role models."

Force in?  No.  Include, yes.  When an individual has done great or horrific things, things worthy of note in a social studies text, that should be included.  If they have done great things and are not heterosexual, that is part of who they are and should be included.  Doing so does increase acceptance of LGBTQ persons as normal, but does not change who the students are.  Good people should be considered as role models without regard to their gender or sexual orientation or gender identification.

Even elementary school children will be forced to learn new "lessons" in favor of homosexuality -- all the way down to kindergarten .

Children that age should never be exposed to these disgusting sex acts.  They will be permanently scarred!

Okay, this is an outright lie.  Mr. Delgaudio has obviously not read the law.  No child at any level of public school is to be "exposed to ... sex acts".  It is not going to happen.

And as horrible as this all is, it gets worse.

Not only will students be subjected to Homosexual Education, but they will have to undergo "training."

In fact, parents, teachers and students are all going to be "trained" by the school district to buy into radical homosexual ideology !

No.  This is another outright lie.  One needs only read the law and it is obvious that Mr. Delgaudio is a liar.

They are attacking Pro-Family Americans in every corner of our country.

No.  Learning complete history, including that of minority groups like the LGBTQ community, is not an attack on anyone.  To understand the kind of lie that Mr. Delgaudio is telling here, please see my series on Discrimination Upside Down.

The letter from this so-called public advocate goes on to claim that they are the only organization that will protect your children from the threat of the homosexuals and then to ask for money.  They are far from alone.  The Southern Poverty Law Center tracks many proven hate groups.

A more recent e-mail from Mr. Delgaudio, on the 22nd, is a rant against a campaign to have Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie wed.  The producers of Sesame Street said no last month.  Part of that letter included

They claim that if only Bert and Ernie were allowed to marry it would help put an end to bullying and end the suicides of LGBT youth.

The reality is the Homosexual Lobby wants access to your children and they want them while they're young.

Yes, the LGBTQ community wants access to your children, to help them accept each other and themselves for what they are and who they are.  By teaching acceptance and tolerance, as required in California, we can reduce bullying and suicides (I doubt these can be completely ended, but reduction would be good).  The cries of indoctrination make it sound as if being homosexual were contagious.  Enough of the lies.  We now need more states to follow the lead of California's SB-48.

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