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26 October 2011

Praise: New Jersey It Gets Better

The It Gets Better Project is a creation of Dan Savage and tens of thousands of people in response to LGBTQ teen suicides.  The project started just over a year ago, barely before Tyler Clementi's suicide in New Jersey, and already has about thirty thousand videos from notables all the way up to the President of the United States.  While Mr. Obama and many other Democrats made videos and worked in other ways to help bullied youth, until this week Republicans had not participated.

The Huffington Post reports that two thirds of the New Jersey Congressional delegation have created an It Gets Better video that includes three of the five Republican Congressmen from New Jersey as well as five of the seven Democratic Congressmen and both Democratic Senators.  Senator Frank Lautenberg spearheaded the group.

The three Republican Congressmen are quoted in the article:

"There is no place in our society for bullying, especially when continued bullying leads to young adults taking their own lives," Runyan told The Huffington Post. "This issue goes beyond political affiliations. An individual's teenage years can be very difficult and it is important for our nation's youth to understand that it gets better."

"The issue of bullying is not a partisan one, but a human one," said LoBiondo. "Bullying needs to be reported and prevented, especially in our schools. This project relays a critically-needed positive message to South Jersey and the nation's youth who are considering taking their own lives. Namely, that they should hold on because it does indeed get better. In my view, anything that saves a teen's life if worth doing."

"The bipartisan effort puts forth an important, positive message that is consistent with New Jersey's landmark anti-bullying initiative signed into law earlier this year by Gov. [Chris] Christie," added Angie Lundberg, a spokeswoman for Lance.

Kudos to Senator Lautenberg and the nine who joined him.  Thank you.

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