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16 October 2011

Praise: Home Depot Supports Gay Pride

For a number of years, Home Depot has welcomed everyone to its stores and given to numerous causes, including the Olympics and the Republican Party.  They have a good environmental record and for a couple of years have been getting the anti-equality movement upset because they participate in gay pride activities.

A week ago Home Depot had a booth and a float at the Atlanta Gay Pride parade.  So, the American Family Association is calling for a boycottAFA is supported in its call by White Pride Worldwide, a successor group to the Ku Klux Klan.  This is a repeat of an older boycott, AFA called for a boycott in June of 2010.

It is good to have a large company like Home Depot standing firm as those opposed to equality, anti-gay and racist organizations, call for them to limit their outreach.  Home Depot is praiseworthy.

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