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19 October 2011

Repudiation: Anonymous Anarchist Attacks Christian School

The Chicago Sun-Times published an article on 15 October 2011 titled Christian School Vandalized Before Anti-Gay Speaker's Appearance.  It seems that early on that Saturday the Christian Liberty Academy, a private K-12 school in Arlington Heights, Illinois, had several windows broken and two bricks were found with messages attached.  The messages were in protest of a speaker scheduled for that evening.

Scott Lively, an anti-gay speaker and author, was scheduled to speak at the academy Saturday night at a dinner for the Naperville-based Americans for Truth Against Homosexuality (AFTAH).

Plastic bags containing bricks scrawled with messages such as “Shut down Lively” were thrown through the windows, said Calvin Lindstrom, pastor of the Church of Christian Liberty, which runs the school.

An envelope in one of the bags contained a handwritten message saying, “This is just a sample of what we will do if you don’t shut down Scott Lively and AFTAH. F--- Scott Lively. Quit the homophobic s---.”

Okay, some background on Mr. Lively before we proceed.  Mr. Lively has called for criminalization of advocacy for homosexuality (not just criminalizing the LGBTQ community, but also those who support them).  He has claimed that homosexuals created the Nazi movement in Germany (which makes no sense when one considers that homosexuals were arrested and put in concentration camps wearing pink triangles as their clothing code).  Mr. Lively has also spread hatred of gays to Latvia and Uganda, being a significant inspiration for Uganda's "Kill the Gays" legislation.  So there is plenty of reason for the LGBTQ community to be unhappy with Mr. Lively.

The American Family Association published an article today, 19 October 2011, criticizing the vandalism as terrorism.

"I'm not surprised that they did this," admits Liberty Counsel Action vice president Matt Barber. "This really amounts to an act of terrorism in that they threatened more violence if Dr. Lively and his speech went forward and if the Christian Liberty Academy did not disassociate from Americans for Truth About Homosexuality."

But in the face of all opposition, AFTAH has remained steadfast in exposing the homosexual agenda throughout the country. Barber contends the attack should trigger an investigation on the basis of hate crimes laws. He also points out that homosexuals who demand tolerance are not willing to repay the favor to opponents as they try to shut down the Christian message about their lifestyle.

Terrorism?  Perhaps.  But, as much as Mr. Barber would like to blame this on homosexual activists, that may not be the case.  A couple of hours after breaking windows at the school, anonymous anarchists (their words) took credit for the damage and the threats.  The only group affiliation cited on that web page is that it is anarchist news.

For a long time, bigots endeavoring to keep the LGBTQ community from full equality have claimed fear because of unproven threats to their personal safety.  This is the case in the battle to release the videos of testimony in the California Prop 8 hearings.  This was the case in getting Washington State Referendum 71 signatures released.  It has always been about fear without basis.

There has never been an attack on bigots by gay activists.

This anarchist attack on a school, no matter how deserving Mr. Lively is of retribution for the murders he has inspired, weakens my last sentence.  While it is still true that there are no proven attacks of anti-gay people by gays, Mr. Barber is beginning to run with this proof that he and his movement of hate are the victims.  Mr. Barber is a liar and the anarchists made that just a little harder to prove.

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