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03 February 2012

FollowUp 6: NJ Democrats Call for Marriage Equality

The move toward marriage equality appears to be moving fast in New Jersey.  The Assembly Judiciary Committee passed their bill for marriage equality along party lines, 5 - 2.  The same bill already passed the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The New Jersey Star-Ledger has two clips on-line from yesterday's hearing.  First is testimony from Greg Quinlan who claims that sexuality is mutable.

UPDATE:  If both videos are the same, of Miss Galluccio and neither of Mr. Quinlan (it keeps changing, which has me confused), then use this link:

Mr. Quinlan is wrong.  It is likely that Mr. Quinlan is a bisexual, not simply a homosexual.  The immutable nature of sexuality is part of the statements of the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Psychological Association, the American Counseling Association, and others.

The same documents indicate that the full nature of sexuality is not known.  Claiming that "same-sex attraction is not inborn but is likely a product of external factors" cannot be shown at this point in the research into the nature of sexuality.

The claim that people change from homosexual to heterosexual attraction is fiction.  I discussed the liars behind "reparative therapy" in November 2011.  But, even if some people could magically change their sexuality, that would not be a reason to deny marriage equality to those who choose to maintain their love and commitment with someone of the same gender.

The second video clip of testimony is of Madison Galluccio, the daughter of two fathers.

Miss Galluccio is correct.  Discrimination has ramifications beyond gay couples.

Governor Christie has already promised to veto marriage equality legislation.  The Star-Ledger has the calendar for that legislation:
[T]he full Assembly [is set] for a vote on Feb. 16. The Senate is poised to take up the legislation on Feb. 13.
The Governor is now defending is call to turn marriage equality into a referendum for the November election.

Again, from the Star-Ledger, the Senate President responds:
Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester) immediately fired back that he would not allow a referendum on the issue.
"It’s time for everyone, from the governor to the chattering observers, to stop talking about a marriage equality referendum in terms of ‘if,’" he said in a written statement. "There will be no referendum on marriage equality in New Jersey, period."
That means that the legislature needs to not just pass the legislation but will need enough votes to override Governor Christie's promised veto.  While the initial votes to pass marriage equality are likely, the override would be the first time that Governor Christie has any of his vetoes overridden.  A tall order.

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