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09 January 2012

Praise: NJ Democrats Call for Marriage Equality

New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, both Democrats, promised today to make marriage equality their first priority this year.  It will be interesting to learn if Governor Chris Christie will reference this priority when he visits New Jersey from the campaign trail where he has been speaking for Mitt Romney.  The Governor will be visiting New Jersey to deliver his annual State of the State address.

Mr. Christie has so far been adamantly opposed to marriage equality.  The arguments in the above video are concise.  Mr. Sweeney and Ms. Oliver are worth hearing.
Marriage equality is not about religion, because there are exemptions for that.  It's about civil rights.  It's about everyone having the same rights to marry and to be happy and to make choices just like I made.  -- Stephen Sweeney.
This is a civil rights issue.  It is a snapshot in time in the history of our country issue.  And I think for those of us that believe in equality, equality, equality, marriage equality represents the third leg on the stool of civil rights and equality in this country.  -- Sheila Oliver.
Mr. Sweeney and Ms. Oliver are on the right side of history.  Mr. Christie is not.

Thanks to Joe My God for the heads up.

Tuesday 10 January 2012, Update:  Mr. Christie's State of the State Address has been postponed due to the death of a legislator at the statehouse last night.

Sunday 15 January 2012, Update 2:  The New Jersey State of the State Address will be delivered by Governor Christie on Tuesday 17 January.

Later Note:  The Governor did not mention marriage or LGBTQ issues during his State of the State Address.

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