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12 January 2012

Praise: Craig Stowell and Calvin Stowell

Brothers stand up for one another.  Republican Craig Stowell shows what it means to really be there for his brother.  Watch.

This is what equality is about.  It is about love and family and commitment.  It should not be about political party or even about religion.

Thanks to the Human Rights Campaign for placing this on YouTube.  Thanks to Joe My God for the heads up.

12 January 2012, Update:  Will notes in the comments that maintaining marriage equality in New Hampshire is supported by 62% - 63% of the populace.  While human rights and civil rights should never be subject to a popular vote, neither should they be legislated away.  We can hope that the New Hampshire legislators listen to their constituents.  I will also note that Will is among those who have been fighting the repeal of marriage equality in New Hampshire.


  1. In New Hampshire, we're awaiting the vote in the Legislature on the second wave of the assault on same-sex marriage. Mostly funded and promoted by out-of-state anti-gay religious and political hate groups, the repeal initiative is opposed by 62 or 63% of the population, depending on which poll you read. That figure has remained solid for the year since the first attempt at repeal last February which was beaten back by strong public opposition.

    Since then, new conservatives have entered the Legislature here, a huge (compared to the state's population) and often unruly group. The big test of the Republican claim that government has to listen to the people will be this coming vote -- the people here do NOT want repeal.

    1. Thank you, Will, for the additional information. I have added a short update based on your data. Thank you for being on the front lines in the fight for equality.


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