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10 January 2012

Praise: Christopher Ryan Offers Lesson for Rick Santorum

On 6 January 2012, Dr. Ryan's article in Psychology Today is a clear refutation of many of the points that Mr. Santorum continually makes on the campaign trail.  The brief opening line is an apt summary.
Rick Santorum doesn’t know what sex is for.
Here are a few teasers about why you should click on the first link above and read the full article.  First is part of the response to Mr. Santorum's argument that contraception is morally wrong.
For Homo sapiens, sex is primarily about establishing and maintaining relationships—relationships often characterized by love, or at least affection. Reproduction is a by-product of human sexual behavior, not its primary purpose.
Mr. Santorum argues for monogamy.
Of the hundreds of species of primates, there are precisely no monogamous species living in multi-male groups—except humans, if you buy scientific or religious arguments for the naturalness of human monogamy.
But isn't it really all about having children, without which there is not future for society?
Santorum is inadvertently correct that sex “keeps civilization going.” But he’s wrong to credit only heterosexual reproductive sex. Sex of all kinds comes naturally to our species, and most of it has little to do with reproduction, and a great deal to do with loving one another. Sex and love hold communities—not just families—together.
Dr. Ryan is offering the orthodox opinion of the medical and the scientific community.  It is time for the outdated notions of Mr. Santorum and his ilk to be relegated to history books along with other forms of senseless bigotry.  Go on ... read the full article.

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