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11 January 2012

FollowUp 1: Eugene Delgaudio Lies About Legislation Again

Today's e-mail from Mr. Delgaudio, who is making a lot of money spreading his hatred, is an expansion on his earlier lies.
Dear Some,
The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was only the beginning.
Next they called for military homosexual “marriages.”
No.  There are two issues that Mr. Delgaudio is incorrectly conflating.  First, the LGBTQ Community does call for marriage equality.  Marriage does not require quotation marks and homosexual who wed are in a marriage.  No adjective is required for marriage.  Second, the Pentagon released a memo in September of 2011 that gives military chaplains permission to perform private marriages that are legal in the locality where they are performing such ceremonies.  There is not requirement that any chaplain perform a private ceremony.  I addressed this at the time.
And now?  The Radical Homosexual Lobby has legalized sodomy and bestiality in the military .
It made me sick to hear it, but it’s true.
You see, our military has always been governed by the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  This code requires the men and women serving in the military to maintain proper conduct.
But now, thanks to the radicals in Congress, a key regulation has been removed: Sodomy and Bestiality.
No.  About a month ago the Stars and Stripes covered this question.  I wrote about it at the time.  In short, there was a proposal to remove Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), which covers homosexuality and bestiality.  Despite allegations made by those opposed to equality for the LGBTQ Community, bestiality is still covered by Article 134 of the UCMJ.  However, Article 125 was not removed.  It still stands.  Mr. Delgaudio is a liar.
Unbelievably, the radical homosexuals made it a priority to legalize these acts for homosexuals serving in the military.
They actually consider the “right to violate animals sexually” a basic human necessity, even while serving alongside our nation’s greatest heroes .
I am just terrified of what else they have planned for our service men and women.
Nothing true here.  The call for equality is for sexual freedom and equality of marriage for consenting adults.  Since animals cannot give consent, this is an absurd suggestion.  No one in the LGBTQ Community has made the claim that Mr. Delgaudio has underlined.  It is entirely his.
You see, their plans are accelerating.
They know that Obama is in their hip-pocket.  And they still have a majority in the Senate who are willing to go along with whatever twisted scheme the radical homosexuals set before them.
No.  If Mr. Obama was in the hip pocket of the LGBTQ Community, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) would already be eliminated and marriage equality would already be our national policy.  President Obama has said that he is evolving on these issues.  I hope that he is.  As a gay man, the alternatives among the Republican contenders are simply so much worse than the reluctant Mr. Obama that he easily gains my support.
But their days are numbered.
Americans have seen how much damage they are capable of when left in power, and elections are less than a year away.
The Radical Homosexual Lobby is very afraid that this year will be their last in power.
Really?  Right now the polls are leaning slightly toward Mr. Obama winning in November.  Predictions this far in advance of an election are always guesswork, but it is far from certain that Mr. Obama will be a one term president.

The Radical Homosexual Lobby is neither radical, unless one calls the fight for equality radical, nor very afraid.  In New Hampshire, the latest gauge, those who were most adamantly anti-equality placed below Mr. Romney (who continues to flip-flop on his position on equality), Dr. Paul (who is for equality in the bedroom, but not in the courts), and Mr. Huntsman (who seems to be somewhere between Mr. Romney and Dr. Paul on equality).  Very afraid?  No.  Concerned that liars like Mr. Delgaudio are trying to drag the Republican Party into more bigoted positions?  Yes.
Their last chance to pass their perverted agenda .
And that makes them very dangerous.  Nothing fights with more viciousness than a cornered animal.
And when you couple this fear with literally limitless funds the Homosexual Lobby has access to -- there is nothing they will not try to do to kill the Family.
Limitless funds??!?  Really?  Mr. Delgaudio seems to be taking in plenty of money.  Personally, I have made zero money in my activism.  I've spent a while looking for financial records on the Internet and those that I have found are usually incomplete.  The big players on both sides of the fight for equality seem to take in lots of money.  Limitless funds is hyperbole, typical of Mr. Delgaudio.

The LGBTQ Community treasures family.  That is why we want our families recognized.  If my partner and I wed, no heterosexual couple's marriage is harmed.  Mr. Delgaudio's purpose is to keep our family from being legally recognized.  What wants to kill the family?
Some, just think about it.  They actually repealed the military regulation forbidding soldiers from engaging in sodomy and bestiality.
If that’s their idea of “good”. . . well I simply can’t imagine what they won’t do .
My friend, as much as it pains me to say, the legalization of bestiality is not even close to being the gravest threat to our nation.
There is a virtual avalanche of destructive homosexual legislation coming down on the American Family...
... and Public Advocate is the only force in our nation that is fighting back !
Nothing true here.  No regulations were repealed.  There was no avalanche, virtual or otherwise.  And the big players against equality, American Family Assocation, Family Research Council, National Organization for Marriage, and others, would be surprised to learn that they are not fighting against equality as Mr. Delgaudio is.  What a pack of lies!

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