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12 July 2012

FollowUp 6: Eugene Delgaudio Lies About Legislation Again

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Dear Some,
So begins the latest lie from Eugene Delgaudio.  This time it is a lie regarding potential litigation.
Another attack came sooner than even I feared.
I have just found out the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is launching another attack on myself and Public Advocate as a whole.
No.  The Southern Poverty Law Center is not launching an attack.  They are responding, yesterday in the linked blog post, to Mr. Delgaudio's appropriation and modification of copyright materials without attribution or payment.  They are responding to Mr. Delgaudio taking that material, an engagement photograph, a shot of love, and turning it into a tool for hate.  It is Mr. Delgaudio who launched the attack.  The Southern Poverty Law Center is the defender of what is right.  The following in bold is from the linked site.

It was supposed to be a reminder of one of the most special days shared by Brian Edwards and Tom Privitere – their engagement photo.

The black-and-white photograph shows the two men kissing with the New York City skyline in the background. The picture was one of several that Edwards posted on his blog to allow friends and family unable to attend the couple’s wedding to share their joy. But what was supposed to be a symbol of the life-long commitment between two people in love was hijacked by an anti-gay hate group.

Recently, the men discovered their photo had been taken from the Internet and used in an anti-gay mailer to attack a political candidate in Colorado. The city skyline had been removed from the background and replaced with snow-covered trees one might find in Colorado. Bold words, on a red background, were added: “State Senator Jean White’s idea of ‘Family Values?’” White supported Colorado’s civil union legislation.

“This photo represented our love and commitment and the many challenges we have overcome in order to share our lives together,” Edwards said. “When I first saw how our photo had been publicly destroyed and used against gay and lesbian families, I was shocked, heartbroken and livid. I don’t want this to happen to another gay or lesbian couple.”

Neither the couple, nor the photographer, knew about the doctored photo until a friend of the couple informed them. The mailer was the work of Public Advocate of the United States, a Falls Church, Va., organization the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated as an anti-gay hate group.

Today, the SPLC sent a cease-and-desist letter to the group and Eugene Delgaudio, its president. The letter, sent on behalf of the couple and photographer Kristina Hill, warns that the SPLC is investigating the unauthorized use of the copyrighted photo and demands that Delgaudio, Public Advocate and anyone acting on their behalf immediately stop using the photo. It asks Delgaudio to confirm within 10 days that he and Public Advocate have stopped using the photo.

The rest of the article, including the original and the doctored photographs, can be seen at the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Mr. Delgaudio's e-mail continues.
Last week I sent you several emails warning that the SPLC was determined to destroy our organization and our cause.
Together, you helped me raise a decent amount of money for the coming fight, but I must admit that we fell short of my goal...
And with the enemy so suddenly upon us, I am very worried.
So, again, Mr. Delgaudio is after money.  He enriches himself at the expense of the happiness of others.  Evil.
This attack is forming quickly -- I have not even received anything in writing, but they have already leaked it to the press.
Leaked it?  No.  Released it.  A leak implies that there is something to keep secret.
They again claim that Public Advocate is a “hate group” simply because you and I refuse to embrace the Homosexual Agenda.
No.  You don't need to embrace anything and you will not be labelled a hate group.  Mr. Delgaudio makes money by encouraging hate and working actively against equality.
And they are demanding I “cease all operations” in this fight.
Almost.  This is close to true.  The Southern Poverty Law Center's cease and desist letter calls on Mr. Delgaudio to "immediately cease and desist any further unauthorized use of Brian and Tom’s images and likenesses, and any further unauthorized use of Kristina’s copyrighted photos or other intellectual property."  It would be good if they could call upon Mr. Delgaudio to cease all operations, but that's not what's happening in this particular case.  Mr. Delgaudio chose to start this fight and the Southern Poverty Law Center is attempting to end it.  That is what a cease and desist letter is all about.
Public Advocate could soon be facing a serious legal battle for supposed “hate crimes” against the Homosexual Lobby.
The particular cease and desist letter is about intellectual property rights, not hate crimes.  Mr. Delgaudio is, again, imagining future scenarios.  (He is a liar).
My lawyers have warned me not to go into anymore details, but I can assure you this:
As long as I am able, I will continue to fight for the Family.
That is to say, he is going to continue to fight against my family, against the family of Brian Edwards and Tom Privitere, and against all other LGBTQ families.  The supposed warning from his attorneys does not make sense.  Any reasonable attorney would simply tell him to stop using the copyrighted material.
I will send you more information once I receive their letter and my legal team has a chance to review it.
He received it by e-mail before he sent his letter to everyone on his mailing list, begging for more money.
Your public advocate,
Eugene Delgaudio
President, Public Advocate of the United States
P.S. Please prayerfully consider chipping in with a donation of $10 or more to help Public Advocate fight for traditional values.
Sorry to remove the link where he begs for money.  That is Mr. Delgaudio's obvious goal.
Because Public Advocate of the U.S. is a non-profit, charitable organization that fights the radical agenda of the homosexual Lobby, contributions are not tax deductible for IRS purposes. This email was not produced or emailed at taxpayer expense. Public Advocate's phone number is (703) 845-1808, its address is 5613 Leesburg Pike, Suite 17 Falls Church, VA 22041, and its website is
It is obnoxious that his hate is not taxed.

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  1. The question I would like Delgaudio to answer is this: Do black people's lives somehow demean your life? His supposition is that two men getting married will somehow make his marriage -- and those of the rest of heterosexual-dom -- mean less. He continuously supposes that there is some "radical" homosexual agenda, as if mere equality is a radical concept. Well, I guess it was hundreds of years ago, which of course, led the Pilgrims to leave Europe and establish a new country (sorry to so blatantly over-simplify it). And somehow, that country became the envy of the world. But this point escapes Delgaudio and his ilk; you'd think that Americans in particular would value diversity having been borne from it. But no; fear of the girls down the street having a normal, happy life is too much to bear. And the thought of those two, big, hunky, hairy dudes cuddling... well, it just sends shivers down his spine. Get him the smelling salts!

    We in the gay community are quick to suggest that "people" like Delgaudio are closet cases, incapable of dealing with their own internalized homosexuality. We mock his picture, call him names, and make him the object of ridicule and scorn, all of which he wears as a badge of honor. He's so not-gay that he has to be a strong, proud soldier in the war against a fantastical, radical gay agenda. This time, let's not go down that path of shaming him into silence; let's go striaght at it (see, I'm so gay I can't even spell str8) and make him account for his homophobia, discrimination and the lies he tells in these disgusting email solicitations. What exactly is it that makes Delgaudio devote his life to tearing others down? What is it about homosexuals that makes him so uncomfortable that he's willing to go tell these incredible, lie-filled stories to a susceptible public?

    Maybe it's time for the APA to define this congenital lying and deceit as a mental illness. Maybe then he could deal with it and get past it. And maybe folks like Delgaudio could devote their lives to doing something useful, like fighting poverty, illness and discrimination. You know, join humanity and all.

    1. Your questions to ask of Mr. Delgaudio are valid. But Mr. Delgaudio's continual extremism, hyperbole and name-calling, preclude real dialogue. More is the pity as that lack of dialogue and vile accusations establish and perpetuate and environment conducive to bullying.

      I endeavor in this blog to avoid name-calling in return. I have never referred to Mr. Delgaudio as a closet gay, although there are studies that suggest that most of those who attack the LGBTQ Community are likely people with homosexual yearnings. Whatever his motivations, it is my purpose to repudiate Mr. Delgaudio's lies. In this case, the facts are quite simple (he is apparently guilty of copyright infringement and is fabricating a tale around his being caught in order to raise money).

      Thank you for the comment. Like you, Jamie, I would love to see Mr. Delgaudio helping our society instead of working to maintain a caste system.

    2. All he is saying and informing others is that the gay movement is very strong and lethal. It has, in many states, inforced homosexual lifestyle education to be taught as an alternate way of life "and should be tried and experienced by everyone to truely see if this is something that could be a way of life for you or not". They teach this from grade 1 and up. Are you kidding me. We don't teach normal sexual activity between male and female until jr high and you want to get to the kids at a younger age to twist and confuse their thinking. Wake up. Homosexual activity is as sick and twisted and pedophillia. IT'S A WAY OF LIFE THAT HAS BEEN CHOSEN AND ACCEPTED BY THOSE THAT LIVE IT TO BE NORMAL and ACCEPTABLE. I am not condeming those into those live styles, it's like a drunk.... a person who needs help. Dont' tell me it's natural if all the gay lobbiest do is to force it down the publics throats and try to make it legal to be force and taught to school children of all ages. I will be damned if I would let my 4 boys be taught life and told that, that is an alternative way of life. If you want to live that lifestyle keep it to yourself. Don't pay off government officials to pass and enforce all kinds of laws that will force the 97% of the public that want nothing to do with this lifestyle for themselves or their families to be a manditory taught practice in school.

    3. The hate expressed by Anonymous requires a longer response. I just posted my response

  2. No, anonymous, what he is doing is called "LYING". He's not informing. He's lying. Just because he likes Jesus, doesn't mean he gets to lie about other people.


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