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30 March 2012

FollowUp 1: Bully, the Movie

As reported today at One News Now, the blog of the hate group the American Family Association, since Bully did not have its MPAA rating reduced from R, they are releasing it without a rating so that teens will be allowed to see it.  Naturally, the Parents Television Council (PTC) is upset.
The movie, about the rising problem of bullying in America, received an R-rating from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) due to profanity. And despite protests calling for a downgrade to PG-13, the MPAA has held its ground. So the makers of the film will release the movie as "unrated" and are asking theaters to back down on a longstanding policy.
"They're doing an end-run essentially around the MPAA by encouraging theaters to show unrated movies. And I think they're setting a dangerous precedent that in the future, anytime a studio gets a rating on a movie that they don't like, they can just go ahead and release an unrated version," warns PTC's Melissa Henson. "They [will] have precedent for theaters now showing unrated films."
Harvey Weinstein and his company say they are defying the ratings board so more children can see the movie that deals with the "epidemic of teen bullying." But if that were the case, Henson says Weinstein could have simply removed the profanity. But he refused, claiming the content is staying "because it's real."
Bully is not yet released to most theaters.  It will likely be important for students to see.

Thanks to Joe My God for the heads up.

23 March 2012:  Original Pedantic Political Ponderings post.


  1. The Parents Television Council is a sad group of housewives that simply can't mind their own business.

    Anyone that makes an effort to keep children from seeing the message behind this movie is, themselves, a bully.

    Children aren't born bullies ... they learn from adults.

    1. Thank you. I agree wholeheartedly. Excellent posts to which you have linked here. You also gained me as an e-mail subscriber and I'm adding you to the LGBTQ Friendly Sites here.


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