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27 March 2012

Repudiation: NOM the Divisive

Breaking news this morning was the unsealing of court records in Maine that exposed the so-called National Organization for Marriage (long purveyors of hate and lies) campaign to create a division between the Black Community and the LGBTQ Community. There is more at ABC News, Slate Magazine, the Maddow Blog, perhaps originating at Buzzfeed.

Thanks to Joe My God for the heads up.

27 March 2012 Update:  The story has been picked up this evening by The Washington Post.

27 March 2012 Update 2:  The Washington Post article included a link to one of the important court documents.  This document outlines much of the plans to set minority groups against one another and mentions, without identifying who, that there are three donors contributing a million dollars each to the "National Organization for Marriage".  They have a twenty million dollar budget which is now including an international component.


  1. Wonders why I just feel so damn good about this...I just hope there's more. NOM really needs their noses rubbed in this.

    1. I cannot speak for you, Reddecatur, but I feel good about this disclosure because the deceptive nature of NOM, which many have suspected for a long time, is now visible even in the mainstream media. The big lies that they have been telling about the LGBTQ Community have been bad enough. But the pretense that they were somehow welcoming and not planting divisiveness is shattered. They can try to spin this, but they are exposed. The exposure will be complete when they divulge their donor list as at least two courts have ordered. Sunlight is our friend.


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