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28 December 2011

Repudiation: NOM Hypocrisy on Out of State Money

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is complaining, again, about out of state money influencing the New York legislature in its approval of marriage equality.  They feature this YouTube interview of New York State Senator Jim Alesi.
A NOM staffer writes:

When asked why he intends to run for re-election after voting for same-sex marriage and losing the endorsement of the NY Conservative Party as a result, Sen. Jim Alesi responds: "I have to run as a Republican because I have to be able to say 'you can vote for marriage equality as a Republican and you can survive."
Say to who? His constituents? Or the out-of-state millionaires who paid him off for his vote?
NOM's contact address is in Washington, D.C. and they have a post office box in Philadelphia.  Both are out of state for New York.  That did not stop them from committing two million dollars in October, out of state millions, to overturn marriage equality.


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