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27 December 2011

Repudiation: Linda Harvey's "Gay Abuses"

Linda Harvey runs Mission America, a supposedly Christian organization countering the dangers of witchcraft and homosexuality.  I've written previously about an item she wrote objecting to protecting homosexual students from discrimination.  She recently wrote an article for World Net Daily on the "Top 10 'gay' Abuses of 2011".
So, No. 10 on my list is the growing number of incidents where homosexuals are trying to put Christians out of business, get them fired, get them expelled from college programs and so on. Example: A bed and breakfast owner in Illinois is being sued for refusing to rent out his facility for a homosexual civil union ceremony and reception.
The link provided by Ms. Harvey is to Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, a Southern Poverty Law Center designated hate group.  The law in Illinois is that public businesses must not discriminate.  Mr. Walder, the proprietor of the bed and breakfast admitted to the Chicago Sun Times that he does discriminate.   Please note that Mr. Walder does not run a church and was not being asked to officiate at any ceremony.  Ms. Harvey, like Mr. Walder, does not believe in equality and does object to the laws of Illinois.  This is not about trying to put Mr. Walder out of business, it is about fair and equal treatment.
No. 9 is the assault of the sex change agenda on our children. Two lesbian women in California are raising their adopted 11-year-old son as a girl, a process they started when he was just eight. These twisted adults with their own apparent issues have lined up tragically misguided doctors to give this boy hormone -blocking drug therapy. We should all pray for this young boy and his adoptive parents.
The assumption that Ms. Harvey is using is that the parents are forcing this on the child.  The assumption is that lesbians only want to raise lesbians and thus want their son to be a daughter.  This assumption is belied by the article to which Ms. Harvey links that indicates that there are two older sons.  There is even a picture of Tammy, the trans-girl, with her older brother and both parents.

To understand more of what is happening for such a youth, begin with the American Psychiatric Association's Facts, with information on transgender persons beginning on page 46 of the pdf.  Then continue with the American Psychological Association's Helping Families.
My No. 8 incident of homosexual abuse is Macy's Department Store and its cooperation with sex-change anarchy. The clothing store fired an employee in San Antonio, Texas, who refused to let a man use the women's fitting room. She claimed her religious rights under employment law; Macy's claimed transvestite rights superseded faith. What happened to the Constitution? And what's happening to America? I hope America avoids Macy's after this anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-woman decision.
I've already addressed this issue and the lies told by both the employee and Liberty Counsel.
No. 7 includes a new arrow in the "gay" activist quiver: unapologetic violence. Vandals were caught on the security camera in an Oct. 15 attack against the pro-family group, Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, or AFTAH. Chunks of concrete with a threatening note were hurled through the window of the Christian Liberty Academy in suburban Chicago the morning before an AFTAH conference was held at the school. A homosexual radical claimed responsibility on the Internet, yet no arrest has been made. This frightening incident would have been headlines if the victims had been homosexual, but the media mostly ignored it.
The means the LGBTQ Community uses to combat bigotry are verbal, written, and sometimes loud.  Not violent.  The attack was by an anonymous individual or group ... probably not a gay or lesbian.  I wrote more on this at the time.
And abuse No. 6 is the slander and libel against New Jersey teacher Viki Knox. Last fall, special education teacher Viki was very troubled by a pro-homosexual bulletin board display at the high school where she taught. She shared her dismay based around her Christian principles with a few close friends on Facebook. Before she knew it, her comments were headlines in the New York Times, she was suspended from her job, and state and national homosexual pressure groups were leading anti-"hate" demonstrations at the school calling for her dismissal.
A teacher who discriminates in the classroom should be suspended from her job.  I wrote more.
Now, here's No. 5: the passage of S.B. 48 in the state of California. This fact-free legislation that no one ever thought we would see in America, calls for sweeping pro-homosexual indoctrination in the public schools beginning Jan. 1, 2012.. Children will be compelled to learn about homosexuality, and those lessons must affirm this negative, high-risk lifestyle. California parents are outraged at such a discriminatory mandate, but short of repeal, their option is to remove their children from the schools or exit the state.
No, the legislation is not fact free, does not include indoctrination, and homosexuality is not just a lifestyle.  See my earlier writings on SB-48.  The law is positive and good for all students.
No. 4 on my list is the global homosexual agenda of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Just a few weeks ago, the White House and Secretary Clinton announced that United States foreign aid and support will be related to how well a country pushes homosexual behavior as a so-called "human right." This agenda is not backed up by U.S. law, and is another example of warped priorities and inappropriate use of authority by this administration.
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are heroic defenders of human rights.  See my earlier writings on Secretary Clinton's speech.  Also my repudiation of Michael Brown's arguments against Ms. Clinton.
No. 3 is the deceptive "It Gets Better" video campaign organized by Dan Savage, a homosexual writer known for his sleaze and vulgarity, extreme even for a "gay" activist. This campaign exploits vulnerable children, as celebrities, regular folks and teens themselves post videos with the goal of discouraging suicide. That would be a worthy objective, if not combined with "gay" rights mythology. Kids are encouraged to stay the course, adopt a homosexual identity and thereby expose themselves to lifelong risk. Even the president has jumped into this effort, mischaracterizing this propaganda as an "anti-bullying" effort.
To understand the importance of Mr. Savage's It Gets Better campaign, it is probably best to read about the impact on children.  I wrote about this in reviewing the All Children Matter report.
No. 2 is the attack on the federal Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA. Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have announced they won't defend this federal law against lawsuits initiated by homosexual activists. Who knew that presidents get to choose which federal laws to protect and defend? Obama even told the "gay" pressure group, Human Rights Campaign, that he favors repealing DOMA.
I have written quite a bit on the importance of repealing DOMA.  President Obama is correct in not wasting taxpayer dollars in defense of a law that is obviously unconstitutional.
And the No. 1 abuse of homosexual activism in the United States in 2011, was the implementation of the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," allowing open homosexual behavior in our military. No one can yet know how damaging the repeal of the ban on sodomy will be – we can only guess – but there's no question that it will damage the character of our armed forces and undermine their effectiveness.
Again, this is an area where I have written a lot.  Let's clear up a few details here:  Sex is still private in the military.  One simply no longer must hide whether one is heterosexual or homosexual.  The initial reports are all good, the repeal of DADT is strengthening our mililary.

Ms. Harvey and other bigots will continue to work against equality.  She will continue to denounce anything that brings me on legal par with her as somehow hurting herself.  It is a big set of lies that she will continue to tell, continuing to break the 9th Commandment.

Thanks to Joe My God for the heads up.

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