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26 December 2011

Repudiation: Newt Gingrich Lied About First Divorce

Today seems to be one of revelations about lies and hypocrisy among the 2012 Republican contenders.  CNN reports that Mr. Gingrich has been lying about his first divorce.
On the "Answering the attacks" page of his campaign website,, which "(Sets) the Record Straight: Newt's Positions on the Issues and His Record," the campaign discusses Gingrich's first divorce.
"It was (Jackie Gingrich) that requested the divorce, not Newt," the campaign website said, referring readers to an online column written by Gingrich's youngest daughter, Jackie Gingrich Cushman, last May.
According to the court documents, provided by CNN, it was the other way around.
5.  Defendant shows that she has adequate and ample grounds for divorce, but that she does not desire one at this time.
There is a lot more in the CNN article that shows that Mr. Gingrich had lied on a few more items regarding the divorce.  Normally I think that this should be a private matter and not for public scrutiny.  Except, Mr. Gingrich is not asking for privacy, instead he is actively a liar.  From Mr. Gingrich's campaign website:
Recently, Newt’s daughter, Jackie Gingrich Cushman, wrote a column to set the record straight about this smear.  The column reveals that 1) It was her mother that requested the divorce, not Newt, and it was months before the hospital visit in question; 2) Her mother was in the hospital to remove a tumor, but it was benign, and she is still alive today; 3) Newt visited the hospital for the purpose of taking his two children to see their mother, not to discuss a divorce.  You can read it here.
Newt Gingrich championed the second Impeachment of a President of the United States because, Mr. Clinton had lied to a jury.  He said he wasn't a hypocrite.
[I]t wasn't hypocritical of him to lead impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton in the 1990's, even though he was having an extramarital affair at the time, because the impeachment case was "not about personal behavior."
Mr. Gingrich is a hypocrite and a liar.

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