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28 December 2011

Praise: AFER and Matt Baume

The American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) is on the front lines of the battle for marriage equality.  Matt Baume, in the above video, put 2011 in perspective and projects into 2012.  Well worth eight and a half minutes.

In this young blog (started at the end of September), I've endeavored to look at the benefits of marriage, the work of AFER on Perry v. Brown, love and commitment, more on love and commitment, the Respect for Marriage Act, as well as refuting the lies of bigots.  Mr. Baume asks that this video be shared and I am happy to do so.


  1. Thank you, Matt, very much for your weekly videos (now being posted at which keep me abreast of the fight for marriage equality and invariably give me hope. Your positive outlook is inspiring.


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