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23 November 2011

Praise: Thanksgiving and the American Foundation for Equal Rights

The American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) is a collaboration of attornies David Boies, who argued on behalf of Al Gore before the United States Supreme Court in the 2000 Florida recount case known as Bush v. Gore, and Theodore Olson, who argued on behalf of George W. Bush in the same case.  Together they founded AFER.  From their website

The American Foundation for Equal Rights is dedicated to protecting and advancing equal rights for every American.
As the sole sponsor of the federal court challenge of California’s Proposition 8, known as Perry v. Schwarzenegger, AFER is leading the fight for marriage equality and equality under the law for every American.
Thanksgiving in the United States is often thought of in mythical terms, beginning with the Pilgrims and Native American Indians feasting together.  Wikipedia has an interesting page that includes the history going back to the Spanish (a few years before the Pilgrims).  Since 1863 Thanksgiving has been a national holiday in the United States.

Today the holiday is often celebrated with overeating and watching parades and sports.  The idea of thanks is one that many religious and civic organizations endeavor to remind us is at the heart of this holiday.  Despite political wrangling between the parties, the average person in the United States still enjoys many blessings.

The folks at AFER are making progress in gaining equality for all American citizens.  As their lawsuit progresses ever so slowly through the court system, the plaintiffs took time to record a Thanksgiving message worth sharing here.

As the plaintiffs said, may you and your families have a very happy Thanksgiving.

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