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22 November 2011

Praise: Eat More Kale

Kale is a fantastic food, containing lots of protein, B vitamins, and much more healthy goodness.  As a vegetarian, kale is one of my favorite leafy greens (along with spinach and chard).  For more than a decade, Bo Muller-Moore has been making and selling "Eat More Kale" t-shirts.

Not everyone is a fan of kale.  The Chik-fil-a chain of fast food restaurants is upset with Mr. Muller-Moore because one of their phrases is "Eat More Chikin".  They are so upset that they are trying to block Mr. Muller-Moore from getting a trademark on his t-shirt slogan.
[T]he legal department of Atlanta-based fast food giant Chick fil-A sent Muller-Moore a cease-and-desist order requesting "that I shut down my website and send them my inventory," says Muller-Moore. "They said I was confusing their customers and affecting their profits." Specifically, Chick fil-A was concerned with how conflicted with their marketing slogan and website,
Through a lawyer, Muller-Moore informed the company that he intended to continue, and took their ensuing silence to mean they were backing down. He kept making T-shirts and bumper stickers, his website stayed up, and business grew. This August, he decided to seek a federal trademark for "Eat More Kale." And in September, he experienced some déjà vu: Chick fil-A sent Muller-Moore another cease and desist letter, and also demanded that he withdraw his application for a federal trademark.
Not everyone is a fan of Chik-fil-a.  While I will admit that before I became a vegetarian (a process that started around 1995, finally giving up seafood around 2006), I did enjoy the unhealthy Chik-fil-a sandwiches.  I was not aware at that time of Chik-fil-a's religious and anti-gay donations.

So, now I have two reasons to dislike Chik-fil-a.  Although Mr. Muller-Moore's website is not entirely vegetarian, I still may buy myself a t-shirt. has set up a petition to support Mr. Muller-Moore. Hooray for kale!

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