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15 November 2011

Praise: The Devotion Project

Last week I wrote about the importance of emphasizing commitment as suggested in a report by the Third Way.  As I have thought about this more, it makes more and more sense.  Then, today, I was sent a link to the Devotion Project.

The Devotion Project is intended to document devotion and commitment of loving couples.  The first video is ten minutes that will require a tissue when viewed.  It is beautiful.  I hope that there will be subsequent films.

As the political battle for full equality for all citizens continues, I am going to be looking for more documentation of commitment like this.  My relationship with my partner (marriage is not legal where we live) started in 2005.  I can imagine fifty-four years together, although if I live that long I would be quite elderly by that time.  It is a lovely goal.  Every loving couple should have the opportunity to have legal recognition of their love and commitment.

Thanks to Care2 for the heads up.

10 April 2011, FollowUp 1.

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