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13 November 2011

Repudiation: "FRAC! Baby FRAC!"

Hydraulic Fracturing is the use of high-pressure fluids with particulate matter to break up underground rock and shale formations to release oil and natural gas.  The positive side to doing this is that it allows access to fuel that had been otherwise impossible to reach.  The down side is that there are risks to fresh water aquifers, risks to surface vegetation, risks of greenhouse gas emissions, and risks to the stability of natural faults.

In 2005, Congress exempted hydraulic fracturing from being covered by the Safe Water Drinking Act.  This was, in my opinion, a huge mistake.  We have seen numerous questions raised about the side effects of hydraulic fracturing since then.  Early this year we learned of reports of tremendous amounts of wastewater produced in hydraulic fracturing.  In the middle of the year we learned of surface devastation to part of the Monongahela National Forest.  In August Public Citizen called for consideration of all pertinent data before allowing further hydraulic fracturing.  The industry says that the risks can all be easily managed.

The National Academy of Sciences calls for greater regulation and monitoring because of methane getting into drinking water.  We have recently learned of hydraulic fracturing causing small earthquakes in EnglandFrance is the first country to ban hydraulic fracturing outright.  And now Bette Grande, GOP Congressional hopeful from North Dakota, says "FRAC! Baby FRAC!" and offers a Halloween treat of a video in opposition to the Environmental Protection Agency.  As with the Republican Denial of Climate Change, Ms. Grande is looking to her political base and not to the facts.  We may all suffer as a result.

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