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07 November 2011

Repudiation: Linda Harvey Opposes Protecting Students

Right Wing Watch has a short clip from Linda Harvey.

As we’ve found out time and again, so-called conservative, pro-life politicians are sometimes wrongly persuaded that homosexuality is a worthy lifestyle and cause. 

Homosexuality is a fact for about six to ten percent of our population.  Is it worthy?  It is a fact.  Is it a lifestyle?  There is no single homosexual lifestyle.  Just like heterosexuals, some homosexuals are in monogamous relationships (including some who stray).  Just like heterosexuals, some homosexuals spend time at bars and clubs and have multiple sexual partners.  Just heterosexuals, some homosexuals are more like hermits with an asexual existence.  Despite all the stereotypes, there is no one lifestyle for any group.

As a cause, the goal is equality.  That should be seen as worthy for any group, particularly for a minority.

This amounts to promotion of these lifestyle’s to kids brought into schools in the Trojan Horse of anti-bullying programs. 

Again, the premise if flawed.  There is no single homosexual lifestyle.  Further, despite the implication by Ms. Harvey, homosexuality is not being promoted.  The science show that is clear that individuals do not choose to be homosexual or heterosexual.  The idea of anti-bullying programs is exactly what it claims to be.

We already have these programs in many schools, but federal involvement adds a troubling new dimension.

People for the American Way documented the nature of "federal involvement" back in July.  What is troubling is bullying.  See my last posting on sexual harassment for part of why this is a problem.

If these amendments pass, they do nothing to protect kids that isn’t already available at the local level. 

Again, based on the latest data, the local programs are not enough.  LGBTQ students committing suicide makes it obvious that Ms. Harvey is wrong.

The only thing they will do is threaten local school districts with a cutoff of federal funds if the schools aren’t turned into indoctrination camps where conservative viewpoints are systematically silenced all to fulfill the fondest wishes of those who want traditional morality to disappear.

No.  That is not what anti-bullying programs are about.  Quoting from the PFAW article

SSIA supports the creation of comprehensive anti-bullying policies that enumerate specific categories of victims, including incidents based on sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as data collection, public education, and grievance procedures. SNDA protects students from school-based sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, much like Title IX does for gender discrimination, and much like other areas of law do for various protected classes. SNDA recognizes bullying and harassment as discrimination, and it provides both for remedies against discrimination and incentives for schools to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Indoctrination is an absurd concept.  As discussed above, homosexuality is not contagious.  No one wants to get rid of morality, just to extend it so that all students are protected.

Special rights for homosexual behavior are not needed.

The goal is equality.  Not special rights, human rights.

This makes me very sad for every child in our schools who will be subjected to this deception. 

The only deception is the set of lies being told by Ms. Harvey.

There is a very well-traveled path out of homosexuality that every child deserves to hear about.

This "well-traveled path" is one that many gays and lesbians would gladly take if they could.  The harassment and bullying that is engendered by those who are protecting their "traditional morality" is not something anyone would choose.  But, again, the fact is that sexual orientation is not something that one chooses.  But, guess what?  Every child does hear about heterosexuality; it is what most people are and talk about all the time.

But no, this will become like California in every state, a bigoted mandate to force everyone to accept and approve of homosexuality. 

Accept, yes.  Everyone deserves to be accepted.  Approval is nice, but not necessary.  To understand how far off base Ms. Harvey is in regard to California, please see my post on SB-48.

Please call our Ohio senators, Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown, tell them in that in the upcoming, big education bill, we don’t want the federal government using bullying prevention as a tool to force approval of homosexuality and gender bending on children, teachers and families.

No, Ms. Harvey.  You can withhold approval.  The proposed legislation is about accepting every student and preventing any bullying.  No one will go in straight and come out lesbian or gay.  No one will go in sure of their gender and come out questioning.  Those are fear tactics that are effectively lies.  To put this in terms of Ms. Harvey's Christian "Mission America", Ms. Harvey is bearing false witness.  Shame.

Thanks to Joe My God for the heads up.

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  1. The term lifestyle or phrases gay lifestyle or homosexual lifestyle are not used by people like Linda Harvey to refer to what we normally think of as a lifestyle, such as the Southern California lifestyle or the Southwestern lifestyle. Linda Harvey and the rest of the anti-gay industry use the term or these phrases as a code, intended to deceptively communicate the notion that human sexuality is plastic and changeable, something that can be selected on a whim and that only transgressive and "sinful" people would choose to "pervert" by acting on same-sex attractions. We know that this subliminal signal is a lie, and it is important to explain that this particular usage of these dog-whistles is a distortion and a perversion of language employed by a propagandist.

    Linda Harvey is a culture war terrorist, who would see innocent gay children brutalized in the name of her beliefs and superstitions or the material advantage she can take from it. She clearly distorts the intent of anti-bullying legislation to twist its provisions into her narrative that claims it indoctrinates children when in fact the law is designed to protect those children from the indoctrination Linda Harvey herself would impose on them: that of a hateful anti-gay bigot that would rather see children hounded to death than secure for them a safe school and social environment.


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