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06 November 2011

Weird: Extraterrestrial Overlords

I don't usually take this blog in the direction of science fiction / fantasy because that is usually not part of politics.  Sometimes, though, politics overlaps the absurd.

The White House announced that it is, indeed, looking for E.T., but has not found evidence.  Really?  More than seventeen thousand people signed petitions demanding to know.  Really?

Belief in extraterrestrial life is not new.  A majority of Americans polled in 1997 believed in it.  Three years ago a poll found more people believed in aliens and ghosts than in God.  With profound apologies to God, there are even religions who believe that God is an extraterrestrial.

The fact is that anything that requires belief of that which cannot be proven must be believed as a matter of faith or not at all.  The evidence for all religions in internal; they are based on belief in their own texts and doctrines which are all of the evidence that there is.  Stating this does not disprove any religion and does not disprove alien overlords.  But, it must be time to set aside those aspects of faith that are incongruous with the facts of science.

Yes, let's keep looking for E.T.  The process of exploring inner and outer space results in expansion of human knowledge, a good thing.  But petitioning for disclosure of that which does not exist is a waste of government resources and human time that could be much better spent elsewhere.

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