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11 October 2011

Endorsement: Tammy Baldwin for US Senate (WI)

This blog is focused on politics, particularly on LGBTQ politics, progressive politics, environmental politics, and education politics (and more when the whim strikes).  That a politician is gay or lesbian is nice, but that does not guarantee my vote.  I will happily vote for a straight politician who is a progressive environmentalist over a gay politician who is not.  An endorsement is neither offered frequently nor lightly.

Representative Baldwin is strong in three of my four primary interests, the first three above.  Ms. Baldwin is the first homosexual elected to Congress who was out before the election.  I had the pleasure of hearing her in person as she fought to prevent a Wisconsin amendment to bar marriage equality; unfortunately without success.  Her stands on DADT, DOMA, ENDA, and other legislation is solid in support of real equality.

As a progressive, Ms. Baldwin is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and is always placing the needs of her constituents and country ahead of other interests.  As one example of her stands, see Ms. Baldwin's recent Huffington Post article on the Afghanistan War.  Interestingly, she voted to go to war in Afghanistan and against going to war in Iraq.  Her rationale is clear in her article.

As an environmentalist, Ms. Baldwin serves on the subcommittee on environment and economy of the committee on energy and commerce.

I will not be voting for Ms. Baldwin as I do not reside or vote in the state of Wisconsin.  It is a purple state which has recently gone deep red in limiting unions under a fiction of saving the budget.  Nonetheless, as the seat currently held by Herb Kohl in the Senate opens, Tammy Baldwin is worthy of strong consideration.  Ms. Baldwin's campaign website is sparse, but her record is excellent.  Read more about her on Wikipedia.

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