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11 October 2011

FollowUp 2: Discrimination Upside Down

With thanks to Joe.My.God, as is often the case for finding interesting news, there is a third New York town clerk who is now discriminated against because she will not do her job.  Ms. Sheldon's post on YouTube is interesting in that she started out by doing the right thing, resigning since she feels that she cannot do her job based on her religious beliefs.  The "Courage Campaign" seems to think that she is the victim of marriage equality in New York.

Of course, this is all upside down.  If a judge has two people come before the court who are legally entitled to wed, the judge does not have a choice.  The wedding does not include the judge's endorsement, the endorsement is by the state.  The same is true for the town clerk who issues licenses to wed.  There is no personal endorsement.  Often a clerk will have never met the people who plan to marry.  The clerk's job is to certify that the forms have been filled out correct and that all of the criteria required by the state have been fulfilled.  I can respect Ms. Sheldon's choice to resign.  If she is now a victim, then discrimination is upside down.

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