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14 October 2011

Support: Elizabeth Warran for US Senate

A few days ago I wrote a strong piece in favor of Tammy Baldwin as she begins running for the Senate in Wisconsin.  I must confess that I know less about Elizabeth Warren who is starting a run for the Senate in Massachusetts.  I've never met Ms. Warren, but what I have learned recently is impressive.

First, here is Ms. Warren's background story on YouTube.  She became known nationally with her call for regulation of the banking industry.  Here, two years ago, Ms. Warren explains her rationale to Dan Rather

As she begins her campaign, Ms. Warren has a fire in her belly and clear messages.  Interestingly, the Republican response depicts Ms. Warren with a scary overlay of effects (scary static, drumbeats, and angles) but no real response to her message.  Is that the best they can do in response?

I'm using the weaker term support for Ms. Warren because I have no idea where she stands on the environment or on LGBTQ issues.  On the latter, she appears to be comfortable talking with Rachel Maddow (the most recent interview was put on YouTube in two parts:  Part 1, Part 2), which doesn't say much.  I do think that in her field, the law and corporate finance issues, Ms. Warren is desperately needed in Washington, D.C.

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