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07 December 2011

Remembrance: 7 December 1941

The day that will live in infamy.  Seventy years ago the United States was attacked at our outpost known as Pearl Harbor.  This marked our entry into WWII in the Pacific Theater.  One of my grandfathers built ships for the war.  My other grandfather volunteered for the US Army at the age of 34.  Each was among the heroes of their generation.

I was fortunate to serve in the US Navy during peacetime.  Peace is something that the youngest generation may not remember.

11 September 2001 was the modern day that will live in infamy.  We are still at war over a decade later.

The United States of America is my home and the nation that holds my allegiance.  We are imperfect and continuing to strive toward being a more perfect union.  Pausing to remember those who fought, some of whom were killed in battle, to perpetuate our Republic is important.

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