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07 January 2012

FollowUp 1: AFA OneNewsNow Misquotes AP News

Here we go again.  They lie about the nature of homosexuality, the nature of marriage, and the nature of politics, the latter being today's topic.  The original Associated Press story, by Laurie Kellman, loses the author and most of the material when shown on One News Now.  Consider the opening paragraph of the original:
Prominent conservative leaders want their rank and file to quickly get behind a single presidential candidate, fearful that persistent splits will help Mitt Romney win the Republican nomination.
And the One News Now version:
Conservative leaders say it's time to rally behind a single Republican presidential candidate -- and fast -- to prevent Mitt Romney from winning the GOP nomination.
There is an important change in tone.  The differences are more stark in the second paragraph, again beginning with the original:
The former Massachusetts governor narrowly won the Iowa caucuses when conservative voters divided their support among several challengers, and the worry is that the same thing will happen in South Carolina, Florida and beyond if Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry all stay in the race.
And the One News Now version:
The former Massachusetts governor narrowly won the Iowa Caucuses after conservatives split their support among Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry. Now, some conservative leaders are talking about a group endorsement before the South Carolina primary Jan. 21. Any challenger to Romney must win that primary to survive.
Um, this is no longer the same.  There is one full paragraph and two more individual lines in the One News Now version.  The original has more than twenty additional paragraphs.  One News Now turns the focus to Tony Perkins of hate group the Family Research Council.  That is a tiny bit part of the bigger story from the AP.  The focus was supposed to be on the candidates, not one of the AFA's favorite bigots.

As I said before, falsification of data, misquoting, and plagiarism are among the guarantees that a student earns an 'F' in my classroom.  AFA earns that 'F' again.

29 December 2011, Original Pedantic Political Ponderings post.

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  1. The AP should sue them. That's the only thing that's ever stopped bigots from spreading lies and hate.


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