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05 January 2012

FollowUp 1: Governor Chris Gregoire on Marriage Equality

Since Governor Gregoire's speech yesterday, the bigots are starting to object.  Not really a surprise.  Let's look at just two.  First, local to Washington State is Ken Hutcherson, pastor of Antioch Bible Church.
Pastor Ken Hutcherson of Redmond’s Antioch Bible Church, a long-time gay marriage opponent, said he believes Gregoire’s endorsement is payback to the gay community who helped get her elected.
“I think she is going to do this because she has to. I think that she’s made promises to the community and the gay community to help her get into office in the first place,” said Hutcherson.
“I am a believer in the Bible. I am a pastor. I’m a man of the cloth, any way you want to say it. The Bible says that when something is wrong, you stand up against it and I can’t think of anything that the Bible says is wrong as being good for society if we go against it.” Said Hutcherson.
It should be noted that Governor Gregoire was first elected to her office in 2004 and is serving her second term as governor.  She does not intend to run for a third term.  The argument that this is a payback makes less sense than if she had something to offer donors in future terms in office.  Of course, if she made promises and is keeping those promises, that is something that the Pastor should approve.

The Bible says that many things are wrong.  Beyond the "Ten Commandments", the five books of the Torah have an additional six hundred and three commandments.  The Book of Leviticus that prohibits homosexuality also prohibits the eating of pork, shellfish, and catfish.  It prohibits wearing cloth made of blended fibers (like cotton and wool).  It prohibits tattoos.  When Mr. Hutcherson, the believer in the Bible, ever treats these other prohibitions similarly then, perhaps, he is worthy of more attention.

Second, local to Washington, D.C. is Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage.
"The people of this country believe that marriage is a union of a man and a woman," Brown said in a telephone interview. "I expect the legislature in Washington state will stand up for this commitment and vote to protect marriage."
The same article, however, shows a somewhat different picture.
Polls show sharp national division on same-sex marriage, and the issue is still divisive in Washington, which tends to be split between a liberal coast, including Seattle, and a more conservative inland.
Slowly, more Americans are embracing the concept of equality.  Mr. Brown and Mr. Hutcherson are not shifting their beliefs, but the country is leaving them behind.  This is besides the fact that human rights and civil rights should not be subject to a popular referendum.  I should no more have the right to vote on your right to marry than you should have the right to vote on mine.

If you have not already done so, let me encourage you to read the full speech today by Governor Gregoire on marriage equality.  Her discussion of the side issues and concerns is extremely well done.

Thanks to Joe My God for the heads up.

4 Jaunary 2012, Original Pedantic Political Ponderings post.

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