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04 January 2012

Praise: Governor Chris Gregoire on Marriage Equality

The Governor of the Great State of Washington gave a speech today on marriage equality.  In it she put to rest most of the silly arguments against equality that we keep hearing.  Here are a couple of excepts
Some argue that the state should deny a marriage license to same-sex couples based on the premise that marriage is for procreation. Do we then deny a license to heterosexual couples who choose not to have children?... To those who can’t have children or those who adopt?...
To those who have children through in-vitro fertilization?
Some argue that same-sex marriage weakens the institution of marriage. Is this a role of the state? If so, it has failed miserably with a divorce rate among heterosexual couples now at about 50 percent.
Some argue that the state must deny a marriage license based on religious beliefs.
With a marriage license, couples marry in civil or religious ceremonies.
In issuing the license, the state should not involve itself in an applicant’s religion.
So far, so good.  She gives an excellent history of marriage.  Then she continues.
When someone asks me what marriage means, I don’t think about the legal protections of a marriage license. I think about love, commitment, responsibility, and partnership.
Same-sex couples should not be denied the meaning of marriage. They have a right to be equal!
Much more on politics in Washington State and the nature of the populace.  She concludes.
As Washingtonians and Americans, we have serious problems to address – a far-off war, the Great Recession, more than 13 million people looking for work, worldwide economic competition.
Loving, committed married couples of any sexual orientation can only help us. They can help us defend our Democracy, help our neighbors, and build strong communities. And they will.
Fellow Washingtonians: Throughout our history, we have fought discrimination. We have joined together to recognize equality for racial minorities, women, people with disabilities, immigrants, religious sects.
Please answer the call to support equality again in our great state. It is the right thing to do and it is time.
Thank you.
Thank you, Governor Gregoire.  I have done a disservice by only copying parts.  The entire speech is well worth reading.  Washington State has chosen its governor wisely.  They are leading the country.  Eventually we will follow.

Thanks to Joe My God for the heads up.

5 January 2012, FollowUp 1.

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