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17 January 2012

FollowUp 8: Wisconsin Republican Dirty Tricks

The signature gathering for petitions to recall Governor Scott Walker and other Republicans is over.  The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) will now begin to determine if there are sufficient valid signatures to proceed with a recall election for each.  What is amazing is just how many signatures were acquired, from the GAB:

Current Recall Committees

For more information about each recall committee, including copies of registration, petitions and challenges as they are filed, please click on its name.
Officeholder Committee Name GAB-1 Filing Date Signatures Required Date Petitions Filed Estimated Number of Signatures
Scott Walker Committee to Recall Walker November 15, 2011 540,208 January 17, 2012 1,000,000
Rebecca Kleefisch Committee to Recall Kleefisch November 15, 2011 540,208 January 17, 2012 845,000
Scott Fitzgerald Committee to Recall Scott Fitzgerald November 15, 2011 16,742 January 17, 2012 20,600
Van Wanggaard Committee to Recall Wanggaard November 15, 2011 15,353 January 17, 2012 24,000
Terry Moulton Committee to Recall Moulton November 15, 2011 14,958 January 17, 2012 21,000
Pam Galloway Recall Senator Pam Galloway November 15, 2011 15,647 January 17, 2012 21,000

Scott Walker is the Governor of Wisconsin.  Rebecca Kleefisch is the Lt. Governor of Wisconsin.  Scott Fitzgerald is a state senator from the 13th district (Central Wisconsin including Juneau) and serves as Republican Majority Leader.  Van Wanggaard is a state senator from the 21st district (SouthEast Wisconsin including Racine).  Terry Moulton is a state senator from the 23rd district (NorthWest Wisconsin including Chippewa Falls).  Pam Galloway is a state senator from the 29th district (Northern Wisconsin including Wausau).  All are Republicans and Wisconsin is clearly upset with them.

It was originally considered a long shot that enough signatures could be collected to subject the Governor to a recall election.  Channel 3000 has more.
Recall circulators lined up around a U-Haul truck Tuesday filled with boxes of signatures Tuesday afternoon. They later brought them into the office of the state elections board -- the Government Accountability Board -- located near the state Capitol. Volunteers formed a line leading to the office as others marched inside with the boxes covered in blue tape.
Additional petition signatures were also filed to force recall elections for Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and four Republican senators.
Organizers needed more 540,000 signatures for each to force the recall election. Besides Walker, they said they turned in about 305,000 more signatures than needed to force a recall election of Kleefisch. They said that they brought more than 3,000 pounds of papers to turn in.
More than a ton and a half of petitions!  Incredible.  While the GAB has one month to process the petitions, it will probably take longer.  There has never been anything close to this before.  This is more than ten times the volume of paperwork that was turned in for the recall endeavors last Summer.  Wisconsinites are clearly upset.

The Governor said that voters will stand by him.
Gov. Scott Walker said that he expects voters to stand by him in any recall election and will campaign on his record, according to a statement released by his campaign Tuesday.
"I look forward to talking to the people of Wisconsin about my continued promises to control government spending, balance the budget, and hold the line on taxes," Walker was quoted as saying.
The statement was released without Mr. Walker who was off in New York doing some fundraising.  He is going through money advertising what a great job he is doing.  Mr. Walker is expected to spend more than five million dollars defending his seat.  The Republican Party also chimed in.
The Republican Party of Wisconsin on Tuesday echoed the governor's comments. GOP leaders said they believe the recall process has been filled with fraud, and their teams will be examining every signature that's turned in.
"Well, of course they got a million signatures, when they're allowing people to sign 80 times; they're allowing them to include Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. There was never any doubt in our mind that the Democrats would be able to rally their liberal base of supporters around this baseless and expensive recall effort," said Ben Sparks, Republican Party of Wisconsin communications director.
Aside from GOP allegations, I know of no evidence that anyone in Wisconsin signed a petition eighty times, not even ten times or deliberately twice.  Mr. Sparks can allege whatever he wants, but it just isn't true.

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