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23 May 2012

FollowUp 31: Wisconsin Republican Dirty Tricks

Ed Shultz has a good analysis of the big lie about jobs.  The lies go far beyond what is popular in the news and the recall election is going to be very close.

One of the things happening is a subtle campaign to discredit unions and teachers in particular.  One of the more blatant efforts occurred recently in Janesville, Wisconsin, with an anonymous flyer listing the salaries of hundreds of the highest paid teachers in the Janesville district.
The flyer urges parents to mail the district a cutout form if they want their student removed from the class of a teacher who signed the recall petition.
Fox 11 has the story:

This is just the latest of a long series of events designed to break the public schools.  While that may sound like hyperbole, consider that Wisconsin is losing teachers.
"In the end both sides will look at this and say, 'See, I told you so,' " said Dale J. Knapp, research director of the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance.
Knapp said there were three major take-aways from the research.
"The decline in teachers particularly and staff overall isn't a one-year change," he said. "It is a continuation of a three-year decline that goes back to when revenue limits were tightened in 2009-'10."
He said, "declining enrollment districts are the ones cutting the most staff. They're the ones getting hit hardest by revenue limits overall. They're the ones that are really struggling."
Knapp added that "benefits did matter."
"Those districts that were able to do more with benefits were able to either add teachers or lay off fewer teachers than districts in similar situations," he said.
One more video regarding this flyer, this from Channel 3000:

So, as teachers remain under fire and big lies are circulated by the Governor, where are the Democrats?  Speaking with friends in Wisconsin, they are wondering why the DNC and the Obama campaign are not visibly helping Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in his campaign against Governor Scott Walker.

One friend opined that there may be moles from the Walker campaign within the Barrett campaign who are offering false assurances that things are going well.  I don't have any evidence for or against this happening, but with several of my friends concerned, it is important to consider what is happening.  Look back over the last thirty-one posts for a pattern of lies and harm to the State of Wisconsin.  I hope that the Barrett campaign gets its act together.

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