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14 April 2012

FollowUp 23: Wisconsin Republican Dirty Tricks

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And the Republicans in Wisconsin are running fake (zombie?) candidates to forces primary elections again.  Here is the current ballot information for the 8 May 2012 Recall Primary.

In the 13th State Senate District, Democratic Party member Lori Compas of Fort Atkinson is making her first run for office.  Ms. Compas organized the recall of Scott Fitzgerald, who she now hopes to replace on 5 June.  She is running in the 8 May primary against Gary Ellerman, a supporter of Governor Walker and of Senator Fitzgerald who bills himself as a protest candidate; a fake Democrat.

In the 21st State Senate District, Democratic Party member and former State Senator John Lehman of Racine is running to replace Van Wanggaard, who replaced him in 2011.  He is running in the 8 May primary against Tamra Varebrook, another protest candidate; a fake Democrat.

In the 23rd State Senate District, Democratic Party member and former Assembly Member Kristen Dexter of Eau Claire is running to replace Terry Moulton.  She is running in the 8 May primary against James Engel, the president of the Wisconsin Ski Industry Associations, another protest candidate; a fake Democrat.

In the 29th State Senate District, Democratic Party member, former police officer, and current Assembly Member Donna Seidel of Wausau is running to replace Pam Galloway (who recently resigned rather than face a recall election to take care of family matters).  She is running in the 8 May primary against James Buckley, another protest candidate; a fake Democrat.

Working now toward the top of the ticket, the position of Lieutenant Governor, currently Rebecca Kleefisch, has three contenders in the 8 May primary.  The solid member of the Democratic Party is Mahlon Mitchell of Fitchburg (a small city just outside of Madison).  Mr. Mitchell is the President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin and was frequently on television to offer a union perspective regarding the Republican push to end collective bargaining.  His first challenger for the Democratic slot in June is a largely unknown private investigator from Milwaukee, Ira Robins.  The second challenger is Isaac Weix, another protest candidate; a fake Democrat.

The highest office in Wisconsin is up to seven contenders, five in the Democratic Primary and two in the Republican Primary.  The pattern continues, sort of.

Tom Barrett and Kathleen Falk are the top contenders on the Democratic side.  Mayor Barrett. of Milwaukee, has had some awkward stands that have upset some union members, but is the most liked in polling.  Former County Executive Falk is preferred by unions, but many consider her to be too shrill (I know that this sounds like I am being sexist, but the language used privately against Ms. Falk is far worse and often comes back to the pitch of her voice).  Current Democratic Secretary of State, Doug LaFollette (whose name may sound familiar to those outside of Wisconsin because of Fighting Bob LaFollette of a century ago; Fighting Bob was Doug LaFollette's great-great-uncle), is considered to be a long shot but is still possible.  Democratic State Senator Kathleen Vinehout is on the ballot.  Gladys Huber is the gubernatorial protest candidate, another fake Democrat.

Scott Walker is defending his seat as Governor of Wisconsin.  But, he has an almost fake primary candidate in Arthur Kohl-Riggs, a pizza server who describes himself as a "progressive Republican" (an oxymoron these days) and says that he is not a fake Republican.

So the big question is Is this legal?  By Wisconsin Statutes, perhaps not.
(3) Prohibited acts. No person may:
(a) Falsify any information in respect to or fraudulently deface or destroy a certificate of nomination, nomination paper, declaration of candidacy or petition for an election, including a recall petition or petition for a referendum; or file or receive for filing a certificate of nomination, nomination paper, declaration of candidacy or any such petition, knowing any part is falsely made.
Declaring one is of a party that one knows is not so would be such a falsification.  On the other hand, this might be hard to prove.  An article on Dane101 has an extended discussion of the legality or lack thereof.  Democrats have asked that the "Zombie Candidates" be kept off the primary ballots.  That didn't work last year.

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