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04 April 2012

FollowUp 21: Wisconsin Republican Dirty Tricks

In American we believe economic independence is one and the same in the pursuit of happiness.
Um, no.  These are not the same at all.  The Stop the Recall folks are mixing ideals.
Freedom is only achieved when we fight for what we know is right.
In Wisconsin you'll find the fire of that American spirit in every one of us.
But in 2011, Wisconsin conservative leaders were attacked for standing for these very principles.
No.  If Governor Walker stood for those principles, then he would not have lied about ending collective bargaining as a technique to balance the budget that he unbalanced with huge tax cuts for businesses and the wealthiest citizens.
Greedy union bosses and liberals spent millions recalling Republican state senators.
It is not greed that led to the response to Republican attempts to destroy unions in the state that saw the rise of unions a century ago.  Collective bargaining is about safe working conditions, reasonable working hours, and fair compensation.  Unions can work with companies so that everyone benefits when they are not designated as an enemy.
Their goal was to deny economic independence for Wisconsin taxpayers.
Absurd.  There is zero truth to this assertion.
Democrat state senators fled to an Illinois resort to avoid fixing the problems in our state.
No.  The stunt was to draw attention to legislation that did not fix any state problems but crippled unions.  Ending collective bargaining does not enhance the state budget.
But one man refused to accept the status quo of failure.  That man is Scott Walker, Wisconsin's principled conservative governor.
Conservative?  Yes.  Principled?  No.  He claims that he ran on ending collective bargaining but said that he wanted to work with unions when he was running for office.  A principled man does not lie.
Scott Walker fought against union special interests and big government and for Wisconsin families and businesses.
Unions are not in a causal relationship with big government.  Mr. Walker says he is for small government, but favors big, intrusive government when it comes to women's healthcare.  He says he is for families, but only the wealthy are seeing benefits of the Walker agenda.
Yet, once against the recall is coming to Wisconsin.  Union bosses and liberal Democrats are going to tear the state apart.
No.  It was radical GOP legislation that has been tearing Wisconsin apart.  Unions and Democrats have been pushing for the status quo that Mr. Walker has been destroying.
Their goal is to recall and defeat Scott Walker and send a message to conservative leaders across the country they're next.
The first part of this is true.  The goal is to recall and defeat Scott Walker.  Then the goal will be to restore collective bargain and fair treatment of government employees.  The "send a message" bit is not a goal, but it does sound good.
All of us at the Wisconsin Recall Action Fund refuse to be intimidated.
Okay.  I believe them.
We know the union and liberal Democrats will do all they can to stop us.
Also true.
That's why we are ready to fight alongside you.  Join us today.  Stand up for conservative principles and democracy.  Save Governor Scott Walker.
Their principles, as evidenced by their attempts to suppress voting, are antithetical to democracy.

This ad is not likely to be the last that we see as Governor Walker clings to office for now.

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